Our Advantages

First, we at the Cholakis Dental Implant Centre only use implants and the components from the leaders in the implant industry. Nobel and Ankylos Implant systems have the most extensive research and development of titanium implants, setting the standard for implant dentistry.

Second, at the Cholakis Dental Implant Centre, implant procedures are designed to save our patients time and money by providing quality treatment in a shorter time frame. Implant treatment is provided by our team of doctors and an on-site Laboratory Technician. And since all these colleagues are under one roof, we can provide high quality implant treatment with maximum efficiency and attention to detail.

The Cholakis Dental Implant Centre utilizes high technology equipment, including a 3D CT scanner and CAD/CAM laboratory instrumentation, to plan and produce a dental prosthesis that is accurate and precise. For qualifying patients, this is done in a one-day procedure that limits trauma to the patients with minimum surgery and timely production of the restoration.

Third, no matter what the condition of your mouth, at Cholakis Dental Implant Centre we can remove damaged teeth, eliminate periodontal disease, place implants into the bone, and give you a fixed (solid) set of teeth. For qualifying patients, in just one-day.

Our procedure incorporates initial implant stability in the bone which gives us the ability to attach a set of teeth to the newly placed titanium implants, and allows the patient to leave the office with beautiful and functional teeth that are fixed in place.

The patient can leave the center that day and immediately begin smiling naturally and can become active again, without worrying about their teeth. For the first several weeks, diet will need to be restricted to those foods you can cut with a fork, in order to avoid stressing the implants. But soon you will be eating all your favorite foods as you would with normal teeth.

Since the new teeth are attached to the implants, there is no pain from the prosthesis rubbing against the gums (as there is with dentures), because all the pressure from chewing is transmitted directly to the bone without rubbing on the gum tissue. Thus, there are no return trips to the doctor's office for relief of pressure sores as there are with dentures. And for qualifying patients the procedure can be completed in just one-day – saving significant time and money compared to conventional procedures that require multiple appointments spread over many months and often more than a year.